Although nervous at first most couples find that learning a wedding dance isn’t just to serve a purpose for their wedding day but a great activity to share together which is fun and memorable.

 We will create a dance specifically choreographed to a song of your choice. If you’re not sure on what song to use we can also help you to choose a track. Once the music is chosen, we move on to the type of dance to suit your song & create simple yet effective choreography, tailored to your dancing skills ensuring you perform as a fabulous couple on the day!

Your Own Unique Dance

We have found through experience that 3 one hour sessions are typically sufficient for us you put together a unique routine for you, help you to rehearse the moves and then tidy up some of the styling. If you can get the chance to practice in your own time too, this is a great help!

See below for a rough outline of the lesson plan. 

First Steps

Get in touch...let us know a preferred ime for your first dance lesson and to discuss your song choice and what style of dance you would like to perform.

For instance it can be fun and cheeky like a cha cha cha/salsa or soft and romantic like a waltz/rumba. Starting with your song choice will enable us to come to your first lesson much more prepared and be able to move on to polishing your performance more quickly. Other things to consider and discuss would be the size of your dance floor, dress, suits and shoes.

Lesson 1

Starting with a suitable routine to wow your guests and getting to grips with the basic moves!

Usually we can get most of the choreography done in the first hour, but you may still have a little to add next time. We can write down the steps for you at the end of this lesson should you wish to take them away and practice - a good idea to do this as it helps for us to remember them as well!

Lesson 2

The second lesson would be to firstly go over the moves we did in the previous lesson and then to finalise any choreography you may need.

Then it is important to ensure you can get the dance moving to the music and begin to look at how you may perform the dance on the night!

Lesson 3

The third lesson will be purely on performance.

By now you will know and have practiced your routine so we will dedicate the time to polishing the moves and working on your style!

Wedding Package for Just £120

Some couples like to involve other members of their family and bridal party, not necessarily in their first dance but afterwards as a special event.

We can certainly help if this is something that you would like to do.

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