Absolute Beginners

For those of you that have never danced before, and really do have 2 left feet, our Absolute Beginners Classes are for you.

We can guarantee to turn one of those lefts, into a right even after your first class! Most of our Absolute Beginner classes are run as short courses lasting for 8 or 10 weeks. In that time we try to cover a new dance every couple of weeks with a regular recap of previous dances most weeks. This way it gives you a nice variety of dances to have a go at, but don’t worry that you’ll have too much to remember as we try to keep the routines nice and simple!

Fareham, Southampton, Totton & Eastleigh


Our Salsa classes are aimed at mixture of levels, from those that have not tried it before to competent Latino movers!

We’ll take you through all the basic fundamentals, rhythms and timings to help you master the simple steps or if this already comes naturally, we’ll get you blasting out some moves with real Cuban fury!

Totton & Fareham

Beginners Plus

Our Beginners Plus class is aimed at those of you that can already get around the floor or through a routine, but perhaps still need a little encouragement with what steps to do when and how exactly you do them! Typically this is the natural progression from our Absolute Beginners class, as we build on the routines and steps you will have already covered previously. We’ll also cover some new steps to the popular dances you’ve already learnt and make a start on some of the slightly harder dances too.

Southampton, Totton, Eastleigh & Fareham

Southampton & Fareham


If you’ve been dancing for a little while, can get around the floor unaided and want to learn some new steps then our Improvers Class is for you.

The routines will get a bit more complicated now and you can expect to learn a little bit of technique too, which should make the dancing somewhat easier.  We’ll also give you some style tips as well to impress all those on-lookers!


This popular dance style uses many of the traditional Ballroom & Latin dances and steps, set to a 16 bar sequence with strict tempo music.

If you can already dance competently, Modern Sequence offers a nice alternative to our other Ballroom & Latin classes, expanding the range of dances you can do at one of our social dances. There’s so many varieties of style and rhythms to have a go at from the White City Waltz, Apricot Rumba or Mayfair Quickstep to the Mambo Magic, Argentine Stroll and Sweet Bay Salsa!


Adult Dance Classes

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