Master Your Moves

There is no quicker way to learn those tricky steps, or master the routines than having private lessons! Whilst group classes are an enjoyable and social experience, private lessons can offer you a much quicker and more direct route to dancing perfection. They allow you to learn at your own pace and the teacher can address other aspects that wouldn’t normally be given attention in a group situation.

Whether you are learning for a special event, an upcoming cruise, a wedding or just for fun, Dizzyfeet Dancing can help.

For Up to 4 People

Private lessons can be for up to 4 people and are arranged at a mutually convenient time. We are currently able to offer private lessons at our Southampton and Fareham locations and prices range from £14.


Should you desire, and have the necessary space or hall available, we can come to you although this would incur additional fees and potentially travel expenses.

Wedding Package for Just £120
Private Lessons - at Your Pace
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