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  • I’ve never danced before – is that going to be a problem?
    Not one bit. These classes are aimed specifically at YOU! Of course everyone learns at different paces but over the years we have found suitably simple and engaging steps for all of the dances, delivered at a good pace to give you the best opportunity to learn all the moves!
  • I don’t have a partner. Can I come on my own?
    Again, this isn’t a problem as we always find a body for you to dance with! The dances that we teach are primarily ‘partner’ dances, so we may well pair you up with a fellow single dancer, one of our class assistants or a more experienced helper. You may even get to dance with the teacher too!
  • I went to a dance class with my partner once before and they made us dance with other people – I didn’t like it!
    You’ve nothing to worry about in our classes. If a couple come to class with the intention of learning together, we don’t split them up. Of course if you want to have a dance with others during the class then that isn’t a problem either.
  • Do I need to wear dance shoes or a special outfit to join the class?
    Definitely not. We always aim for our classes to be a casual, fun affair so you don’t need to go to any trouble with special dance shoes or a dance outfit. Always bear in mind that you will be up on your feet for the whole lesson, so something comfortable is a must. In the warmer months something that you can remove easily if you warm up is a good idea and when it’s a bit cooler, a loose cardigan or jumper is also good idea. Of course if you want to wear a bit of bling or some sequins, be our guest!
  • I’m afraid of trying it for the first time – I’m sure I’ll look silly!
    Don’t be! All of our dancers, including us teachers, all started somewhere and you’ll be in a class full of people who have also never danced before. We do our utmost to ensure all of our classes are run in a warm and friendly environment where everyone is included and the emphasis is on having a good time!
  • Can I try before I buy? Do I need to commit to the full 10 weeks? What if I don’t like it?
    Whilst we don’t offer a free trial, all of our classes are pay as you go so you don’t need to commit to the full 10 week course. Dancing isn’t for everyone, but we really urge people to try it before they dismiss it! We’re sure you’ll love our classes and be back for more each and every week!
  • Ok, so I’m really loving the classes but what can I do from week to week to check I’m practicing the steps right?"
    We offer plenty of resource material, with teaching videos, tips, tricks and class routines on our YouTube channel, DizzyfeetTV. Learning solely from a video isn’t a great idea, but our helpful little clips are a great supplement to the classes we offer each week.
  • Do I need to come to both classes in Fareham each week? Are the Southampton & Eastleigh classes different to the Fareham ones?
    At all of our locations, we teach the same dances, steps, and routines in our absolute beginner classes. However, the order in which these dances are taught can vary by location each week. For example, Fareham might focus on the Waltz this week, while Eastleigh may be teaching the Rumba. While attending multiple classes is not necessary to master the basics, each session offers a unique opportunity to practice. Regular attendance is beneficial as practice is key to improvement. Whether you choose to attend one class a week or more, you'll be well on your way to dancing perfection!
  • My child is nearly 3. Are they old enough to take part in classes?
    From our experience children under the age of 5 participate best in classes specifically aimed at music and movement. Whilst we used to offer such a class, our current venue limitations don’t allow for us to add it to the timetable. Keep checking though as hopefully we’ll be offering this class once again soon!
  • Do I need to get my child a special uniform or outfit to take part in the classes?
    Not at all – our classes are very relaxed and primarily for fun so special dance clothes and shoes are not required. However, should they wish to take part in our examinations or competitions then dance shoes will be required. For those children taking part in our Hip-Hop & Street classes, trainers and loose clothing is preferred.
  • My little one loves dancing but is very shy and doesn’t want to dance on their own in front of people. Can they still come?
    Of course! All of our lessons are run in a relaxed and fun environment so theres no need to be worried. We always dance together as a group too so they won’t need to stand up in front of everyone and perform – unless of course they want to!
  • My child used to dance somewhere else before and knows all the basics – can they still attend?
    Absolutely. Our mixed ability class is exactly that with several teachers taking different groups of children at the same time. We’ll ensure they're in the right group according to age and ability.
  • I’d like my child to get some sort of recognition for their dancing. What can you offer?
    We aim to hold examinations twice a year where your child is assessed by a highly qualified dance professional. If they are successful they receive a glossy certificate, report sheet and a trophy or medal depending on the level entered. In addition to this we host dance competitions too where they can dance against their friends from class and also other local dance schools.
  • Can I drop my child off and then collect them after class?
    Yes of course. Providing all of the necessary information has been completed on their registration form, this is not a problem. Alternatively you may wait in the small area outside of the hall for your child to finish.
  • Can I sit in and watch my child dance?
    We prefer for the children to be completely focused on the dance class and sometimes having their parents in with them can distract their attention away. You are welcome to wait in the area just outside the dance hall. We will provide opportunities for you to watch your children perform at various stages through the term.
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