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The first update of 2021!

So it's as you were...! Check out the video below for all the information on what to expect this month from Dizzyfeet Dancing.

At a glance, online classes are as follows:

Tuesday @ 6.30pm - Stretch! with Jessica

Wednesday @ 7pm - Solo Ballroom & Latin with James

Thursday @ 6.30pm - Latin Fusion with Matteo & Jessica

Friday @ 7pm - Q&A with James & Kelly

Sunday @ 6.30pm - Latin American with Matteo & Jessica

Sunday @ 7.30pm - Salsa with Matteo & Jessica

All classes, except the Friday night Q&A will be streamed via Zoom. To join, please get in touch for all the information.

Friday night Q&A will be streamed LIVE via the Dizzyfeet Facebook & YouTube pages. Stay Safe Stay Happy Stay Dizzyfeet!

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