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The Delightful Role of Turns in Ballroom and Latin Dancing

Embark on a dance journey where every step is a manifestation of grace and every twirl is a delightful expression of rhythm. In the enchanting world of Ballroom and Latin American dancing, turns emerge as the stars of the show, weaving an intricate tapestry of charm and sophistication.

Turns, both a science and an art, play a pivotal role (excuse the pun!) in elevating the dance experience to a realm of sheer delight. Picture the dance floor as a dynamic playground, where partners seamlessly navigate through a series of turns — each revolution adding a layer of elegance and finesse to the performance. It's more than just movement; it's a conversation between partners and the music, an exquisite language spoken through spins, twists, and twirls.

Can you imagine a dance where the dancer only moves in straight lines?

At the heart of this rhythmic ballet are turns like natural and reverse turns, lending a touch of classic allure to dances such as Waltz and Foxtrot. These foundational turns are the building blocks upon which the dancers construct their masterpiece, a symphony of movement that captivates onlookers and participants alike.

But the allure of turns extends beyond the conventional, venturing into the realm of Latin American dancing where passion meets precision. Spins and spirals inject an element of excitement, transforming the dance floor into a canvas where partners paint with the colours of energy and intensity.

The true beauty of mastering turns lies in the ability to unlock the secrets of precision and elegance. Spin turns infuse a sense of anticipation, creating a magnetic connection between dancers and their audience. Switch turns add a dash of spice, a dynamic twist that keeps the dance alive with unpredictability.

As dancers delve into the world of turning techniques, they discover the nuanced interplay of balance, poise, and timing. Each turn becomes a punctuation mark in the dance narrative, a moment where partners synchronize their movements to create a visual symphony.

Beyond the technical aspects, turns embody the spirit of partnership and connection. It's a shared journey where trust and communication unfold in every graceful rotation. Partners move as one, their synergy reflected in the seamless execution of turns that tell a story of unity and collaboration.

So turns are not merely steps in a choreography; they are the soul of Ballroom and Latin American dancing. A dance adorned with turns is a dance that resonates with precision, elegance, and the shared joy of movement. Let's twirl into the enchanting world of turns, where every spin is a celebration of the delightful artistry that makes dancing truly magical!

Learn in 30: Turn

In this video tutorial, James explains the familiar turns you will encounter at the outset of your dancing journey! Starting off with the more 'simple' solo turns in Latin American moving onto the slightly more complicated turns we endure in the Ballroom style.

It's always a little harder when you have to take into consideration the moves of your connected partner...

Covered in the video are:

Latin American

  • 3 step turns

  • Under arm/spot turns

  • Switch turns


  • Natural & Reverse Turns (Waltz)

  • Spin Turn

  • Inside & Outside of Turns

  • Brief explanation of CBM & CBMP

This comprehensive and entertaining video is available via the Dizzyfeet shop and is part of a 10 part series. Download, practice and keep topping up your dance knowledge! Head to the Dizzyfeet shop here!

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