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Thank you Michael and good luck!

Michael Stevens has been a valued member of the Dizzyfeet Team for the past 6 years. His energy and enthusiasm have been of great benefit to all those who took part in his classes and lessons and no doubt he will be very much missed by us all!

With his partner, he will be embarking on the next chapter of his life and moving to London to find fame and fortune! (well, one of those at least).

Here is a brief message from Michael:

Hi everyone! Small announcement [insert drum roll here] I'm very sad to say that tonight will be my last night teaching the Eastleigh Dizzyfeet classes, as I'm moving to London at the end of the month (and it's a bit far to pop back once a week.) I've had such a lovely time getting to know all of you over the last 6 years and watching you all progress to the wonderful dancers you are now. I wanted to say thanks to the other teachers, especially James Prouton and Kelly Anne Prouton for giving me the opportunity and support to lead these classes for so many years. And a huge thank you to Nicola Dawn Daraz , for her constant, unwavering, sometimes sarcastic support over all this time. Without her, I wouldn't know my left from my right, my up from my down, or my waltz from my samba. Finally, I want to say thank you to all my students who have come and gone over the years, this class has been the highlight of my week every week, and you are all the reason for that.
That's all from me! I wish you all the very best for the future!

Thank you very much Michael and good luck!

From Tuesday 21st June, James & Kelly will now be taking the Eastleigh classes.

We hope that you will all still be able to come and enjoy your weekly dancing!

Book your Eastleigh classes here.

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