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We're excited to introduce our new class 'Technography'!

For a long time, our focus has been on choreography - learning new steps and patterns to get around the floor - but without a great deal of attention given to technique. We've noticed that this approach has its shortcomings, and it's time for a change. Our new class will focus on developing the finer points of technique within small choreography groups in both Ballroom and Latin American styles. We understand that technique is essential for smooth and effortless dancing, and it's something we've neglected somewhat in the past. By combining elements of choreography and technique in one class, we aim to help dancers improve their overall dancing ability and take their skills to new levels. Each week, we will dedicate time to a small group of steps, and sometimes the whole hour may be dedicated to one specific style. If needed, we may take a couple of weeks to develop the technique in our chosen groups. While the class will be structured with regards to technique, we may have to be flexible with time to manage all of the dancers' expectations and ability levels. We're confident that this new class will bridge the gap between group classes and individual private lessons. Of course, private lessons are still the quickest way to dancing success, but we hope this class will provide dancers with the opportunity to develop their technique and improve their dancing ability in a group setting. All of our other evening classes will continue as normal, so we encourage our dancers to try to incorporate both choreography and technique into their weekly dancing schedule to get the best of both worlds. Choreography and dance steps provide variety and expression, while our new Wednesday class will provided more detail to push your dancing onto new levels - which, in turn, will make dancing in the other choreography classes easier.

Our regular Choreography classes are: Monday in Didben Purlieu & Millbrook Tuesday in Eastleigh Thursday in Fareham (daytime) Friday & Sunday in Fareham (evening)

Join James & Kelly, each Wednesday evening in Fareham at 8pm for Technography! Suitable for all dancers from competent beginners up to aspiring professionals! £8pp payable on the night.

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