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September classes - purchase your place now!

Places are going quick - so get yours before it's too late!

All of our venues will be starting new classes very soon with separate groups for SINGLES and COUPLES.

All of them will run as an 8 week course, with places STRICTLY limited due to the current government restrictions. We hope that by the time the course comes to an end, there will have been some relaxation in the rules meaning we can go back to a more traditional timetable. But in the meantime, if you would like to dance get in quick as the places are going already. Online and ready to purchase are the following classes:

FAREHAM Friday 18th September @ 7.15pm - COUPLES ONLY Sunday 20th September @ 5pm - SINGLES ONLY Sunday 20th September @ 6pm - COUPLES ONLY MILLBROOK Monday 21st September @ 7pm - COUPLES ONLY Wednesday 23rd September @ 8.15pm - SINGLES ONLY

You can reserve and purchase your place for one of the above classes via our website by clicking here.

Our EASTLEIGH classes are due to be confirmed imminently.

We hope to have new classes for our DIBDEN location to let you know about soon too.

Classes at our SOUTHAMPTON SHIRLEY venue won't be resuming until October as they are having refurbishment works and these won't be completed for at least another month. Our regular Absolute Beginner and Beginners Plus/Improvers classes are now continuing (for the time being) on a Thursday at our new Millbrook venue. We will be starting a new Absolute Beginners group, as above, in Shirley from October once they give us the green light!

If you would like to express your interest on one of our classes not yet taking bookings, then please click here!

Want Salsa classes?? Well these will be starting a fresh too...

Fareham Sunday 20th September @ 8pm - COUPLES ONLY Millbrook Monday 21st September @ 9pm - COUPLES ONLY

Again, places are limited so get in touch to reserve your places for these.

Those of you want to try something completely new, we will be running a LATIN FUSION class for SOLO dancers starting on Wednesday 23rd September @ 9.15pm in the new Millbrook venue! Get in touch for more information....

We can't wait to welcome you to our new classes, but please take note of the following when dancing with Dizzyfeet:

If you're feeling ill, have any COVID symptoms


If you live with someone that is ill or has any COVID symptoms


If you are worried about being in close proximity to people


If you or someone you live with is susceptible to illness or has a weak immune system


Please DO bring your own hand sanitiser/gel if you can

And of course, please DO bring plenty of common sense

If you're still unsure and would like to speak to us about our classes, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

07818 403290

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