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New HOT HOT HOT Salsa classes!

Join Matteo & Jessica, our Salsa specialists, this September for brand new classes as they turn Fareham and Millbrook into little Havana havens!

Don't worry if you've never danced before - these classes are for you! Learn the basics, get to grips with the moves and have fun like you've never experienced! We will have two new classes each week:

Fareham Salsa, starts Sunday 20th September @ 8pm Millbrook Salsa, starts Monday 21st September @ 9pm

Due to the current restrictions, places will be limited so if you want to be in the class get in touch and reserve you place ASAP!

Booking is easy and can be done online by following the link below:

In the meantime before you join us, why not watch this video where James will teach you the Salsa in just 60 seconds!! A great place to start and get an idea on what to expect when you come to class...

Those of you that have been previously attending our Salsa classes and wish to continue, please get in touch directly and we can let you know how your Salsa learning will carry on as normal.

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