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Merry Christmas from all at Dizzyfeet!

It's been mostly a great year for dancing in 2022, with many of you joining us for classes, events

and lessons. We're keen to continue all of your hardwork in 2023 and look forward to welcoming you all back for more chasse's, feather steps and hip twists! A number of you have been preparing for exams and some are readying for your first competition experience too, so it is certainly exciting times ahead for some!

Want to take your exams or do a competition? Ask us for more information...

For those of you keen to get dancing again, all of our classes resume from the first week of January with a full list of details below.

Not danced with us for a while? Then surely 2023 is the time to do it!

Besides, it's cheaper to come out dancing for the evening than putting on the heating!!

First class of the new year for each group:

  • Monday January 2nd Modern Sequence (Fareham)

  • Friday January 6th Social Practice (Fareham)

  • Sunday January 8th Absolute Beginners @ 6pm (Fareham) Beginners Plus/Improvers @ 7pm (Fareham)

  • Monday January 9th Beginners Plus @ 2.30pm (Dibden Purlieu) Beginners Plus/Improvers @ 7pm (Millbrook)

  • Tuesday January 10th Absolute Beginners @ 7.30pm (Eastleigh) Beginners Plus/Improvers @ 8.30pm (Eastleigh)

  • Wednesday January 11th Beginners Plus/Improvers @ 8pm (Fareham)

  • Thursday January 12th Beginners Plus @ 3pm (Fareham)

  • Friday January 13th Beginners Plus/Improvers @ 6pm (Fareham) Absolute Beginners @ 7pm (Fareham)

Private lessons are continuing before the restart of our classes, so get in touch with your teacher should you wish to book in. James & Kelly will have their 5 yearly price increase from January 1st, so please be aware of this when booking!

A full list of our 2023 dance events will be released soon, but as a heads up the first 50/50 dance night of next year will be on January 14th at the Fareham venue.

Once again, we'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New


James, Kelly and all the Dizzyfeet Team


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