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Learn in 30 with James

So during the lockdown of 2021, we produced some weekly videos to keep our pupils and followers entertained and informed in the absence of our classes and lessons. These took the form of 10 episodes of approximately 30 minutes each, which we featured as part of our Friday night drinks online chats!

We are bringing them back now, slightly refreshed, to a new audience and also perhaps once again to those of you that saw them the first time around.

On this occasion however, they can be yours to keep and watch again and again at your leisure! Each episode is available to purchase directly from our website for just £15 or you can get all 10 episodes for £80. Bargain!

Aimed at conscientious social dancers and aspiring competitors, each episode has a plenty of tips and information to bring out the best in your dancing performances. Coupled with James' sense of humour and over 40 years of dance experience, 'Learn in 30 with James' is an engaging and thoroughly worthwhile journey of dance education!

Episode One: Sway

Episode Two: Footwork

Episode Three: Posture

Episode Four: Rise & Fall

Episode Five: Leg Action in Ballroom

Episode Six: Leg Action in Latin American

Episode Seven: Turn

Episode Eight: Armography

Episode Nine: Dance Exercises

Episode Ten: Make-Up with Kelly

Take a sneak peak of each video on our Learn in 30 page on the website, where you can also purchase your digital download. Head over to the Dizzyfeet Shop to get all 10 episodes in one easy payment.

Dance more, worry less!

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