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Matteo & Jessica from Dizzyfeet Dancing have got something special for you!

Combining all your favourite dance styles in one:

Latin Dance - Hip Hop - Contemporary - Street Jazz - Girling

  • It's ENERGY

  • It's RHYTHM

  • It's DYNAMIC

  • It's FUN


Our recently advertised new Salsa classes are for COUPLES only, however Matteo & Jessica have come up with a fantastic new class SPECIFICALLY FOR SINGLE DANCERS who want to learn the latest and funkiest latin moves - LATIN FUSION!

Taking inspiration from a host of latin rhythms and vibes, they've put together a fantastic class that is accessible to all from the youngest movers to the oldest hipsters! Join them on Wednesday evenings at 9pm in Millbrook, starting from 23rd September.

For more information about this class - get in touch!

Check out the video below to see what you can expect...

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