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Driving with Dancers

Back in lockdown times, I had an idea. Well, I had lots of ideas. Some of them quickly came to fruition out of necessity where-as a couple of them were left on a slow burn.

One such idea, which in fact tickled my cockles and excited me the most, was Driving with Dancers. A simple concept really; get a famous dancer from our industry, pop them in the car and whizz them around whilst having a chat.

It's Carpool Karaoke meets the Joe Rogan Experience!

Finally, I've been able to start recording the episodes, and the first one (the 'pilot') is now live and available to watch on DizzyfeetTV and soon to be available as a podcast too via your favourite podcast provider.

The first episode is with Grant Barratt-Thompson, a colourful Anglo-Australian who is also in fact my best mate. He gained much success in his 10 years or so living in the UK, but is now back in his hometown of Sydney and visited recently for the British Open Championships in Blackpool. I caught up with him and recorded the first ever Driving with Dancers.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did recording it!

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