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An Update on what's what with Dizzyfeet

The weather is getting warmer and summer is just around the corner. No doubt many of you will be preparing for your holidays and looking forward to getting away from it all!

But before you go, and then when you get back, Dizzyfeet Dancing will still be on hand to provide our own ray of sunshine to each and every one of you at our dance classes, lessons and events!

Absolute Beginner classes will be getting a restart from next week, so if you've not joined us before, or have but need a recap on all the basics then come along to our new classes in Millbrook on a Monday, Eastleigh on a Tuesday and Fareham on Friday & Sundays. Purchase an 8-week block at the Dizzyfeet shop, or book each week separately via our Bookings page.

All of our classes for all levels are still pay as you go if you prefer, with payment available online at the time of booking or on the night in cash. Some of our classes are not available for online booking, so if it isn't listed on the booking page, it's a turn up and pay on the night class.

Spring Dance not just postponed again, but cancelled this time!

We originally scheduled our Spring Dance for April, however we had to move it to a later date: the 28th May. HOWEVER, we have been advised that there is another dance being held locally in Wickham which is honouring a local dance musician who is retiring. We know that a great deal of our regular dancers are keen to go and give Larry Green a big send off, so the organiser of the event Janet Jackson (no relation) has asked if we would be so kind as to move our date again! But we're not going to move it - we're going to cancel the dance all together.

So apologies for messing some of you about with our dance dates - we promise it won't happen again!! What we would do though, is advise you to hold off to the following weekend and join us on the 4th June for our Jubilee themed 50/50 dance night, celebrating an evening of dance and 70 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign! Who knows, she might even pop along as she's partial to the odd Mayfair Quickstep!

Price Increases and Fareham Studio additions

The world is getting more expensive, I'm sure we are all fully aware of that, and recently our rental costs have increased significantly. Our Fareham studio rent alone will be increasing by 50% from the beginning of June, which means that unfortunately some prices will have to increase. We were given two options; 50% price increase or find another venue.

As we've been in Fareham for so long and have built such a loyal and supportive following, we decided the best course of action, for now, was to stay put. It isn't all bad however, as we will be adding a lounge/cafe area for our dancers to use right next door to the studio. It's been used as a store room for the gym for the past 5 years, so it is in need of some clearing out, tidying up and reconfiguring but we're hopeful of having it available within a month or two. If you fancy giving us a hand getting it up and running, let us know. We will definitely be doing a video diary on the changes, so you'll get a chance to see it take shape as we get stuck in!

Prices of all our classes and events will be increasing from September, with private lesson costs being reviewed for a potential increase from January 2023. But don't worry, it won't be a 50% increase!

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