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Absolute Beginners Restart!

Updated: May 12, 2022

Join the Dizzyfeet team from Monday 23rd May as each of venues restart their Absolute Beginner classes.

Many of you may have danced with us before, but haven't had the opportunity to return for the past couple of years - well, we're still here and as good and fun as ever! Dancing is a great social activity, that keeps you fit and teaches you a new skill, all with a smile on your face, and with the summer quickly approaching it is also an opportunity to get all svelte and in the groove, ready for the holidays!

We've got 4 Absolute Beginner classes running each week, in addition to our regular higher-level classes too. All classes are pay as you go, with online booking and payment available for most.

Please see below all of our classes, dates and times.

Monday Millbrook: 7pm - Absolute Beginners Ballroom & Latin 8pm - Beginners Plus/Improvers Fareham: 8pm - Modern Sequence Dibden Purlieu: 2.30pm - Beginners/Beginners Plus Ballroom & Latin (1.5hr class) £7 Tuesday Eastleigh: 7.30pm - Absolute Beginners Ballroom & Latin 8.30pm - Beginners Plus/Improvers Wednesday Fareham: 8pm - Beginners Plus/Improvers Thursday Fareham: 3pm - Beginners/Beginners Plus Ballroom & Latin (1.5hr class) £7 Friday Fareham: 6pm - Beginners Plus 7pm - Absolute Beginners Ballroom & Latin Sunday Fareham: 6pm - Absolute Beginners Ballroom & Latin 7pm - Beginners Plus/Improvers

All classes run for 1 hour and cost £7.50pp, unless otherwise stated.

For more information on each of our venues, click the links or drop us a message by clicking below.

OUR NEXT EXAMINATION SUNDAY 3RD JULY @ DIZZYFEET FAREHAM If you would like more information regarding our examinations, please do get in touch!

All participants in our classes and lessons are eligible and there are age groups and levels to suit all dancers.

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