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A community space for our dancers...

...created by the dancers themselves?

The Fareham studio is getting a little bit of an addon, with the addition of a dancers community space/cafe opening up where the old hair salon used to be. For those of you not familiar, or perhaps hadn't even noticed, this is the room right next to ladies changing rooms and the far exit of the studio. It is quite a large space and backs on to where we store all of our chairs and bits & bobs for the social dance nights. Currently, it is full of unwanted gym equipment and an assortment of other rubbish that needs getting rid of PLUS a few unwanted walls too! This is where the community spirit comes in as we're looking for willing volunteers to help us clear the space and get it ready for us to use on a daily basis! We hope to put together a good working party on Saturday 18th June from 9am, where the plan is to clear out all of the rubbish (we have skip ready and waiting to be filled!) and remove some of the interior stud walls. In addition to heavy lifting, there will be other jobs too that don't require any manual labour. Refreshments will be provided! Additionally, we will more than likely require an electrician and a plumber, so if any of our dancers is indeed one of those we are very happy to have an energy exchange of dancing lessons/classes for your time! If you can help, no matter how small, please get in touch!


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