A few changes to the Fareham timetable…

A few changes to the Fareham timetable…

We’ve had to make a couple of changes to the Dizzyfeet timetable of classes, some of which are due to development and unfortunately some of them have been enforced due to matters out of our control!

Our Southampton classes have now finished for the Summer and currently we don’t know as yet when they will restart. Sadly we can no longer use the hall at Townhill Junior school which has left us somewhat homeless in the Southampton area (not for the first time in a few years!). Plans are afoot to rectify this situation and needless to say we are working tirelessly to find an alternative venue that will allow us to continue not just our original Tuesday night classes, but a wider range of classes on a number of daytimes, evenings and weekends. Watch this space!

Over in Fareham, things will continue to tick along as reliably as they have done for the past few years. We have reached a point however, where we now need to make a few tweaks and additions to the timetable to allow all of our dancers, new and established, the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and reach new dancing heights. This means a subtle re-naming of our classes which will mean a promotion for some and potentially a demotion for others!  We hope that this will ensure you can continue to learn with us at the correct level and pace, to further enhance your Dizzyfeet Dancing experiences! Sounds rather fancy, doesn’t it?

So, from September 10th these will be the changes:

Wednesday Classes
Absolute Beginners @ 8pm now becomes ‘Beginners’
Beginners Plus @ 8pm now becomes ‘Improvers’

Friday Classes
Brand new Absolute Beginners weekly drop in class at 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Practice class start time moves from 8.15pm to 8.30pm

Sunday Classes
Absolute Beginners @ 6pm is now our ‘Short Course’
Beginners Plus @ 7pm now becomes ‘Improvers’ but remains at the same time
We hope to be able to run a new ‘Beginners’ class (same as Wednesday at 8pm) at 7pm on Sunday nights soon. This is dependant on us being able to get one of our teachers to be able to commit to a new class each week, as Sarah-Jayne can’t run two classes at once! If and when this starts, we’ll let you know.

For details on what this actually means in terms of what you can expect to learn, please see our revised ‘Adult Ballroom & Latin Classes’ page.
Existing dancers, or those that have been to us previously but not for a little while, can use the following guide below to see which class is suitable:

Absolute Beginners – Specifically aimed at those that have never danced before, so typically none of our existing dancers. However, if you’ve been coming to this class recently and found it a little hard going then we’d recommend you have another go before attempting the ‘Beginners’ class. Or perhaps you’ve forgotten everything, which if that is the case, this class is for you.

Beginners – Those dancers that have been with us for a while on a Wednesday night at 8pm or Sunday evening at 6pm, this class is aimed at you. It will bridge the gap between being an Absolute Beginner and what was previously our Beginners Plus class. A few new steps, a touch of technique and plenty of practice to get you ready for the tough stuff in Improvers. This class is also suitable for those brand new dancers who are up for a challenge and may have had a go at other dance styles previously.

Improvers – If you’ve been dancing with us for some time and have been confidently attending our Beginners Plus class – congratulations! You’ve been given a complimentary upgrade! Nothing much will change in terms of the routines and steps we cover, however with us taking an extra week for each dance you can expect to cover a few more technical aspects in each dance and actually get to dance a little more rather than just learning steps. If the Beginners Plus class proved to be a bit of a struggle for you, or you’re not completely confident in getting around the floor or through a routine in a given dance, then we suggest the new ‘Beginners’ class would be more suitable. If you happen to come along on Wednesday night normally, you can of course pick and choose which class you want to try.

If you’re still not sure which class you should be joining, just get in touch and we can advise you which one would be best.

For those of you that were worried, our Monday night Sequence class is unaffected!

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  1. Sigrid Skellon - August 1, 2017 7:43 pm

    Thanks James, can you please let me know which class you would recommend for me?
    I would probably prefer improvers but am not sure that I am good enough for that!
    Many thanks, Sigrid


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