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Our February Update!

It's more or less the same as last month!

Missed some of our online classes? Want a recap?

Our Wednesday Zoom class and Friday night live streams are now available to watch via our YouTube channel. If you got the chance to watch first time around but need a refresher, or maybe you missed one of the classes alltogether and want to catch up - don't worry as each one is on DizzyfeetTV for you to enjoy time and time again!

We've got all of the classes grouped into playlists, so they're easy to find. Just click the image below to watch the class of your choice.

Zoom Classes - Wednesday Evenings @ 7pm

Friday Q&A with James & Kelly - Every Friday @ 7pm

Online lectures with a different theme each week. Decided on during the Friday night live stream

And finally...

We know how tough it is for a lot of people during lockdown - none more so than us. We won't lie, things are pretty difficult at the moment. No doubt there are many others worse off than ourselves, but we're thankful that at least we've got our health!

Sometimes the best thing to do when you're down, is to try and have some fun, for yourself and of course for others too. With the thought of your business potentially going down the toilet, that can be pretty difficult to achieve. To get on camera with a smile, encouraging others to get up and have a dance, can at times feel near on impossible. But all of us at Dizzyfeet Dancing are desperate to get through this, overcoming any hurdles that we may face in the meantime.

Who knows how much longer we will all be in this situation, but hopefully, with all of your support, we WILL have a physical business to return to at the end. We know that so many of you can't wait to whirl around the dance floor once again and we really hope that the first steps you take once this is all over, is with Dizzyfeet Dancing!

On the theme of having fun, we did a little intro video 'skit', in the style of the Professionals meets The A-Team. We had a lot of laughs putting this together and hope that you enjoy this short little video too!

If we can find the energy, we might do some more!

Click the image above to see our video handywork!

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