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Dizzyfeet Lockdown quiz - LIVE

Being stuck indoors can be pretty boring. No doubt you'll have already got fed up with the offerings on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and constantly checking the news can get a little depressing! So to bring you a little light relief and perhaps a little dose of Dizzyfeet that you might be missing, tune in to our Facebook or YouTube page for an hour or so of fun and head scratching in our online quiz. It'll be a mixture of general knowledge, films, music, dancing related questions and even some on James & Kelly! Send us your answers by following the instructions above and we'll collate the scores each week and produce a league table with all the teams. Once we're all allowed to get back into the studio, whichever team is at the top of the leader board will win a prize! And please, do play the quiz in the spirit that it's intended and don't cheat or look up things on Google!! We're trusting you to behave!

So join us tonight and every Wednesday night whilst we're in lockdown for an hour of fun!

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