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At a time where more and more children are spending less time taking part in exercise, it has never been more important for us to promote dance to young children in a fun and enjoyable way. In doing so it is more likely that they will continue dancing in some form or other, or participate in other physical activities in their adult life. It is generally agreed that movement to music is enjoyable for babies and young children and can also be a fantastic way of removing all of the seemingly boundless energy they produce!

Not only is dance a fantastic way to improve a child’s physical health, but a regular dance session can also help social and communication skills, grow self confidence and there are even educational benefits too.

Mixed Abilities

Dizzyfeet Dancing currently offers classes in Ballroom & Latin American at our Southampton Shirley venue. This is mixed ability classes covering all children from those that have never danced before, up to the more experienced and competent of performers.

New 12 week Term Starting in January

£48 for the term or £5/class

Southampton Shirley

For All
5-15 Yr Olds

Participating in dance classes can be beneficial for children of all ages and there is no right or wrong time to start.

Each level has it’s own qualified and experienced teacher, covering a set syllabus of steps and dances in readiness for the Dizzyfeet examinations and competitions held through-out the year.


Typically our classes are suitable for children from 5 to 15 years old.

Our Childrens classes last 50 minutes and run each week during term times.

Childrens Dance Classes

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