Children’s Dance Classes

Children’s Dance Classes

At a time where more and more children are spending less time taking part in exercise, it has never been more important for us to promote dance to young children in a fun and enjoyable way. In doing so it is more likely that they will continue dancing in some form or other, or participate in other physical activities in their adult life. It is generally agreed that movement to music is enjoyable for babies and young children and can also be a fantastic way of removing all of the seemingly boundless energy they produce!

Participating in dance classes can be beneficial for children of all ages and there is no right or wrong time to start. Not only is dance a fantastic way to improve a child’s physical health, but a regular dance session can also help social and communication skills, grow self confidence and there are even educational benefits too.

Dizzyfeet Dancing currently offers classes in Ballroom & Latin American at our Southampton Shirley venue. This is a mixed ability classes covering all children from those that have never danced before, up to the more experienced and competent of performers. Each level has it’s own qualified and experienced teacher, covering a set syllabus of steps and dances in readiness for the Dizzyfeet examinations and competitions held through-out the year. Typically our classes are suitable for children from 5 to 15 years old.

Southampton Shirley
5pm – Mixed ability Ballroom & Latin American
6pm – Ballroom & Latin competition class (starting soon)

Our Childrens classes last 50 minutes and run each week during term time. Please see below our dates for 2019:

Spring: Thursday 10th January – Thursday 4th April (inclusive)
No class Thursday 14th February due to half term break
Summer: Thursday 25th April – Thursday 18th July (inclusive)
No class Thursday 30th May due to half term break
Thursday 5th September – Thursday 12th December (inclusive)
No class Thursday 31st October due to half term break

Spring Term – 12 classes, £48
Summer Term – 12 classes £48
Autumn Term – 14 classes, £56

Alternatively all classes are £5 per child, payable each week.
All children will require a registration form, completed by their parent or guardian, before they can participate in our classes.
You can download one by clicking below:

Children’s Class Registration Form

Our registration is now open and we are accepting forms either by post or email.
Term fees must be paid on or before the first class – we accept payment by cash, cheque and bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions:
“My child is nearly 3. Are they old enough to take part in classes?”
From our experience children under the age of 5 participate best in classes specifically aimed at music and movement. Whilst we used to offer such a class, our current venue limitations don’t allow for us to add it to the timetable. Keep checking though as hopefully we’ll be offering this class once again soon!
“Do I need to get my child a special uniform or outfit to take part in the classes?”
Not at all – our classes are very relaxed and primarily for fun so special dance clothes and shoes are not required. However, should they wish to take part in our examinations or competitions then dance shoes will be required. For those children taking part in our Hip-Hop & Street classes, trainers and loose clothing is preferred.
“My little girl loves dancing but is very shy and doesn’t want to dance on her own in front of people. Can she still come?”
Of course! All of our lessons are run in a relaxed and fun environment so she’s got no need to be worried. We always dance together as a group too so she won’t need to stand up in front of everyone and perform – unless of course she wants to!
“My son used to dance somewhere else before and knows all the basics – can he still attend?”
Absolutely. Our mixed ability class is exactly that with several teachers taking different groups of children at the same time. We’ll ensure he’s in the right group for his age and ability.
“I’d like my child to get some sort of recognition for their dancing. What can you offer?”
We aim to hold examinations twice a year where your child is assessed by a highly qualified dance professional. If they are successful they receive a glossy certificate, report sheet and a trophy or medal depending on the level entered. In addition to this we host dance competitions too where they can dance against their friends from class and also other local dance schools.
“Can I drop my child off and then collect them after class?”
Yes of course. Providing all of the necessary information has been completed on their registration form, this is not a problem. Alternatively you may wait in the small area outside of the hall for your child to finish.
“Can I sit in and watch my child dance?”
We prefer for the children to be completely focused on the dance class and sometimes having their parents in with them can distract their attention away. You are welcome to wait in the area just outside the dance hall. We will provide opportunities for you to watch your children perform at various stages through the term.

Strictly no chewing gum and no hot food to be brought in or consumed in the building