Kelly Prouton LUKA

Kelly Prouton LUKA

Kelly started dancing when she was 9 years old. Her Grandmother had a good friend whose daughter danced and they thought Kelly would like to go along and watch a ballroom dancing

competition. After watching all the beautiful ladies in their pretty gowns she wanted to learn to dance, so she started attending children’s classes at the local studio in Townsville, Queensland.

Fairly soon she was able to get a partner and started doing competitions in North Queensland up until she was 18. After becoming quite restless and needing more challenges she decided to move to the Gold Coast to be closer to the dancing scene on a more National level. She found a partner and they danced for two years in many National competitions. She became a Queensland champion and represented in many National finals. Particularly in New Vogue which is a style only competed in Australia and New Zealand, she was placed 7th in Australia and in the quarter finals for Ballroom.

Throughout the two years she also danced many 10 dance finals. However, feeling that her strengths were more weighted towards Ballroom and New Vogue she decided she wanted to specialise in these styles whereas her partner wanted to continue with Latin.  Kelly then ended up having a two year break from dancing while looking for another suitable dance partner. Kelly had many try-outs and many different options but none that had the right challenges. Luckily Kelly held out long enough for the right opportunity to come along.

Kelly had approached Alan & Donna Shingler regarding dance partners and they told her about James from the United Kingdom. In October 2006 James visited her in Australia and they decided to dance together. It was a big decision to leave her country but she was excited about taking her dancing to an international level and specialising in Ballroom.  Since then Kelly has been very happy with her decision to dance with James and to live in England.

The challenge is greater than anything she originally expected however far more satisfying and she’s very lucky that James is a very supportive partner who helps her cope with the English weather and narrow lanes! While Kelly misses Australia she loves travelling around the world and is looking forward to making the most of the opportunities here.

Kelly’s Classes:

Wednesday @ 24/7 Fitness Fareham, 8pm – 9pm (Beginners Plus)

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