Class Assistants & Experienced Bodies

Class Assistants & Experienced Bodies

Most of our classes have, in addition to the teacher, an assistant or at the very least an experienced ‘body’ to dance with.

Our assistants are there to help the teacher pick you up on little mistakes or guide you through certain parts of the lesson, when the lead teacher may be busy doing something else. Sometimes they may take a smaller group of the class to one side to assist them with a specific step, technical aspect or simply to bring them up to speed with the rest of the class. They are also there to dance with members of the class without partners.

Our experienced ‘bodies’ are there just to dance with those of you that don’t have a partner. Often single dancers themselves, they know how difficult it can be to get through a routine or class without a partner, they will always happily dance with you to make your lesson more enjoyable. However, don’t expect them to necessarily know what you should be doing! For help regarding the steps, routines or technique, we would always suggest you speak to the class teacher or assistant.

Nicola Daraz – Class Assistant

Nicola has been with Dizzyfeet Dancing right from the start! With nearly 15 years of dancing under her belt, she is well placed to help you with a tricky little step or troublesome move. She has also taken her examinations for both the male and female roles, so is quite adept at helping either side of the partnership. Nicola loves dancing and rarely sits down when the music is on!



Michael Brown – Class Assistant

Michael, with his wife Katie, competed for almost 20 years on the Senior Competition circuit winning a number of championships and trophies, notably reaching 3rd place at the British Championships. Now that they have hung up their competitive shoes, Michael spends most of his time playing golf however he can be found assisting Katie at most of her classes. His experience is invaluable although we’re sure he’d like to be in charge once in a while! (But Katie won’t let him…!)



Margaret Latter – Experienced ‘body’

Margaret has been with Dizzyfeet for a number of years and simply loves to dance. She regularly attends our Absolute Beginner classes and is always keen to dance with those without a partner. If you see her – grab her for a dance!




Julian House – Experienced ‘body’

Another husband that enjoys his dancing, while his wife takes the class! Unlike Michael, Julian would prefer to be in the dance studio every day rather than the golf course! He currently competes in ProAm competitions with Kelly Prouton and takes his dancing pretty seriously. Forever keen to dance though, if you see him in class and need someone to dance with, he will always be a willing partner!



Rob Porter – Experienced ‘body’

Rob has been with Dizzyfeet for around 10 years now and is an ever present at all of our social dances – he’s the camera man! Not only is he handy with a camera, but he’s also pretty confident with his dancing too having taking part in competitions and medal examinations. Just like our other assistants and experienced bodies, he loves to dance and is at his happiest sweeping a partner off their feet around the floor!