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Ballroom & Latin American

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Ballroom and Latin American dancing has become a great deal more popular in recent years, mainly as a result of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. For the first time, many people realised that anybody could learn to dance and that some of them could actually be quite good! Not only that, the health and fitness that it brings is undoubtly a great reason alone to come and have a go. Many people that wish to begin learning are sometimes shy at first to join a group class, but once they pluck up the courage and join in, they often find that it can be a great deal of fun!

Dizzyfeet Dancing offers a variety of group classes, for all levels in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Our aim is to ensure that you have lots of fun, whilst learning a new skill and getting some exercise thrown into the bargain! Currently we have a full timetable of classes at our Fareham location, Absolute Beginners and Improvers classes in Southampton and just an Absolute Beginners class in Eastleigh.

Absolute Beginners
For those of you that have never danced before and really do have 2 left feet, our Absolute Beginners Classes are for you. We can guarantee to turn one of those lefts into a right even after your first class! We currently offer two types of class for the Absolute Beginner:

  • 8/10 week short courses
    We like to think of this class as a taster and introduction to the world of Ballroom dancing! Over the duration of the course weeks you will learn 4 of the more popular Ballroom & Latin dances used in social dancing environments. This gives you a nice variety of dances to have a go at, but don’t worry that you’ll have too much to remember as we try to keep the routines nice and simple. We suggest that you register in advance with this class as places are limited.
  • Weekly drop in class
    Based on a similar format to the class above, however without the 8 or 10 week time constraints we are able to go at a slighly more leisurely pace giving our students the opportunity to really hone their dancing skills and build confidence. This class also has slight variations with the dances and steps covered above. For those of you that are especially keen to improve your dancing, this class also provides an excellent opportunity to supplement your learning when combined with the short course.

Beginners Plus
Our Beginners Plus class is aimed at those dancers who can already pretty much get around the floor or through a routine, but perhaps still need a little encouragement with what steps to do when and how exactly to do them! It is also suitable for those extra keen Absolute Beginner dancers who fancy a challenge and want to get up to speed in the popular dances quickly. Typically this is the natural progression from our Absolute Beginners class, as we build on the routines and steps you will have already covered previously. We’ll also cover some new steps to the popular dances you’ve already learnt and make a start on some of the slightly harder dances too.

If you’ve been dancing for a little while, can get around the floor unaided and want to learn some new steps then our Improvers Class is for you. The routines will get a bit more complicated now and you can expect to learn a little bit of technique too, which should make the dancing somewhat easier.  We’ll also give you some style tips as well to impress all those on-lookers!