Foxtrot – April 2016

Foxtrot – April 2016

Ah, the Foxtrot. A curse of a dance for beginners and yet the purest form of motion for true dance aficionados. I am, of course, one of those aficionados and absolute LOVE the dance. Those of you that have been to our classes or seen us dance our interpretation at a Dizzyfeet social night will agree it’s certainly our favourite and we’d so like it to be one of yours!

Initially it’s quite easy to pick up and our Absolute Beginner class takes the form of a bit of social smooch. A few steps forward, a few steps back – a tap here and there with plenty of sway to give the illusion of enjoyment 😉 I did think we had a little teaching video of it in our archives; however an extensive search of near on 10 years of videos hasn’t brought any joy. We’ll aim to do one soon for you all…

Beginners Plus Foxtrot - April 2016It does get a little more complicated as you progress, but essentially it’s just a walk danced either forwards or backwards continuously, on your toes or heels, in between or outside of your partner, moving to the centre, diagonally or down the floor. Oh and it can turn left or right too. The latest Beginners Plus routine is now live on our YouTube channel so you can see a few of these elements in action! Watch it by clicking the picture to the left. Enjoy!


FoxtrotTrainingIn my search for said Absolute Beginners video, I did come across all of our old training videos. Each week we did a PT session at the gym in Fareham and then directly after being put to near exhaustion by our trainer, we quickly changed our shoes and followed it with 5 straight dances to full tracks. We had these filmed so that we could critique ourselves and then to get an idea on our week to week improvements. I’ll do a proper reveal of some of those soon in a future blog, but for now you can just watch a little sample of some basic Foxtrot that we did at the very end of all the 5 dances… Most of you will have never seen us like this before!

Next up in our classes is the Samba, which is almost as popular as the Foxtrot! There isn’t a video of us dancing this dance, however I might have to speak to my parents to see what they’ve got on VHS back when I did dance Latin American. Now that will be something to look forward to! 😉

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