Dizzyfeet Examinations – Sunday 26th May

Dizzyfeet Examinations – Sunday 26th May





Fancy putting yourself through your paces?
Want to get an official check on your progress??

After a bit of a hiatus we will once again be running our own in-house examinations on Sunday 26th May. These have previously been a tremendous success and given all of the dancers that took part a real sense of achievement.

Whether you’re a social dancer or an experienced smooth mover, our examinations are open to all age groups and all levels. Not only are they a healthy personal challenge but also offer you a structured route to dancing perfection. You even get a fancy certificate and trophy at the end of it and with prices starting from just £15, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to start filling that cabinet!

No extra lessons are necessary as the dances and moves are covered in all of our classes, however a bit of extra practice is always a good idea!

For children it’s a great way to monitor their progress and give them something to aim for as they work their way through the medallist ranks.

The examinations will be held at our Fareham studio from 12.30pm approximately.

Ask your teacher or get in touch for more information.


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