The return of Dizzyfeet Examinations!

The return of Dizzyfeet Examinations!

Interested in doing an exam? Want to put yourself to the test? Or are you looking to continue what you’ve already started?

After a bit of an absence the Dizzyfeet Examinations and Awards return for our 3rd examination day on Sunday 2nd April (later than previously advertised).

We run our own in-house examinations, based on ISTD & IDTA structures, and after the resounding success of previous exams we are once again putting our students to the test! Our examinations are open to all age groups and all levels of dancer. Whether you’re a social dancer or an experienced smooth mover, examinations offer you a structured route to dancing perfection and you even get a fancy certificate and trophy at the end of it!

For children it’s a great way to monitor their progress and gives them something to aim for as they work their way up the dancing ladder and through the medallist ranks. 

Each and every single one of our dancers are eligible to enter as the dances and steps you currently learn in class cover the minimum requirements for our examination. Of course exams are not for everyone, but those of you that like the idea of being rewarded for your progress or recognition for your efforts will certainly find our awards something to aim for!

For more information speak to your teacher at your next class and we’ll be happy to help!


  1. Tessa Blyth - February 15, 2017 4:59 pm

    We (Martin & I) might be interested in doing your exams!

  2. Sigrid Skellon - March 5, 2017 9:02 am

    Hi James, thank you for the information above.
    In addition, can you please provide me with details of any minimum criteria, procedures and the charge for taking the social dance examination?
    I would also appreciate suggestions for which dance(s) would be appropriate for me.
    Kind regards, Sigrid


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