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Continuing on from what we began last month, here is the latest Dizzyfeet video blog with information on all that’s been happening!


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Improvers Jive – Part II


Hello readers; it’s been a while since I posted the initial part of this blog. In fact we’ve done four or five weeks of Tango and tonight we started another Rumba routine. So where was I. If I remember right we’d just completed our first week. So let’s not waste anymore time…



Before week two came around, the wife and I had a couple of chances to practice the routine. Our biggest problem seemed to be remembering what followed what. To plagiarise that timeless joke: “We did all the right steps but not necessarily in the right order”, culminating in a smack round the chops when I stepped in to do a combover and the wife decided (correctly I might add) to do an American Spin.

On the second Sunday we turned up and started week two by discussing the routine that we’d thought that we’d done in week one followed by reviewing step by step what we eventually agreed that we’d done. This was to make sure that we had everything cemented in our heads before adding to it and to bring everyone who missed the first week up to speed.

Well, week two was breathtaking! It took me half-an-hour afterwards to get my breath back. Talk about frantic; non-stop movement and we only got the speed of the track up to -8! James added a change of place move between the second American Spin and the combovers and supplemented a few more moves onto the week one routine: A basic with a slide to get the lady into something akin to a shadow position followed by a modified grapevine and then two double kick-step-ball-changes and finishing with a couple of chicken walks. Now this last step was one of the defunct steps in my initial six move routine so I felt particularly pleased when I finally found out how to do it properly. Of course, just because I knew how didn’t mean that I actually could do it especially at speed to the music. Much frivolity was had by all trying to keep up with the new steps to such an extent that when we all attempted the whole routine as a group, whilst we all started at the same time no two couples finished together.

Again we practiced in the week. We managed to repeat the first week’s move without any problems and could even have a fair stab at the week two additions and on reflection we did about what was expected. In preparation of week three’s regular “What did we do?” discussion, we prepared a nice surprise for James only to find that he was away judging a competition. That left us in the wonderful hands of Kelly for the hour. Week three was a “let’s go through it all again” lesson which was fortunate for those who had missed both week one and week two. We quickly got through the lesson one steps and then went through the lesson two additions in more detail with repeated attempts and some Q & A. We then spent a good amount of time linking the two bits together which is where most people seemed to be having difficulty. Although week three wasn’t as exhausting, it was the most satisfying as the routine finally came together.

It’s been a good six weeks since the Jive lessons and although I can’t comment on behalf of the rest of the class, we’ve been practicing our Jive routine nearly every week. But I know that most of you are itching to know what James’ surprise was … We’ll leave that to a very close friend of ours who goes by the name of “DM”:


James, we looked pretty good when we turned our with matching t-shirts for the final lesson.


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