April Video Blog

Why read about what we’ve been up to when you can watch? Starting from this month, we will be showing you a short video blog detailing all that’s been happening at Dizzyfeet Dancing. This one is a little late in coming, but better late than never! I think it may be a little late to be voting on BGT now too…!

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Taking a look at what happens when we turn up at 24/7 on a Sunday Night


Hi everybody, I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts about what happens when we turn up on a Sunday night for our lesson with James and Kelly. So, in the first of a two part blog, here’s what happened on our three week Jive course.

Firstly, let me tell you one thing about the Jive; in my World it’s not that popular. Now I’m not saying that I’ve got anything against the Jive, it’s just that at the social dances that the wife and I tend to go to there just aren’t that many Jives played, maybe just one in the whole evening but when that Jive music does come blaring out of the speakers we tend to get up and perform our four move routine (it’s actually six moves but two are a bit ropey).

So having a repertoire consisting of just four moves can be a bit of a problem. Therefore when the opening week of the Improvers Jive class came along, I felt quite good about learning some new moves and I wasn’t disappointed. We learnt a new move within the first ten steps and that’s including the four count time step that we started off with. James called it the “hip bump” and once I’d seen it, I’d remembered being taught it before in a Jive lesson on a Warners dancing break but without practicing it, the move had been consigned to the dusty part of the memory where all forgotten dance moves end up.

So, facing partner in open LH-RH hold, we both did a back-replace (leaders on the left; followers on the right – how politically correct!), side step towards each other with a quarter turn and “bump hips” (leader’s left hip – follower’s right hip). Finish by chasseing away from each other (is chasseing spelt correctly?). Then repeat it. Brilliant! First new move mastered. The rest of the lesson proceeded as all of James and Kelly’s lessons do with a fair amount of banter thrown in all directions amongst our extended DizzyFeetDancing Sunday Night Family. Getting back to business, the “routine” continued with a “getting on and off a little horse” turn; a kick-ball-change; two chasses to reunite you with your partner; a change of place; two American spins; two combovers; a stop and go; an almost stop and go but in fact an extended chasse and finishing with a sequence of back replaces, kick-ball-changes and chasses. That pretty much accounted for week one; another informative lesson delivered in a professional yet fun way. Plenty of content; plenty of chance to practice and a cup of tea and a biscuit before the lesson even started.

I’ll get round to weeks two and three in my very next blog….

See you soon 

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