Must try harder…

Well, I did start this blog last year with the good intention of providing an interesting little read on a weekly basis. The initial plan was to report my thoughts on the last series of Strictly Come Dancing and from what you may have read previously, all started quite well! As we now all know, Nancy got booted off a few weeks later and the eventual winner was… ummm… Honestly, sat here writing this I’ve gone completely blank – just goes to show how much of a lasting impression it had on me and perhaps 3 months worth of reporting can be summed up right there!

What I do intend to do for the time being, is give you a weekly run-down on what’s happening in Dizzyfeet HQ – it certainly is a busy time. We have 2 new venues about to start up in Southsea and Paulsgrove which will mean lots of leaflet delivery and plenty of website activity to get two new areas ‘Dizzyfeet’ dancing! This is part of our expansion plans – slowly infiltrate our way along the south coast, East and West, and then ultimately we plan to have a Dizzyfeet Dancer in every home across the country. I call it our Empire. Kelly calls it stupid… So, this week has seen us putting the finishing touches to the new leaflets and getting them printed so if you know anyone that fancies helping to deliver 5000, please do let us know!

Helen will be in charge of Dizzyfeet Southsea and for the first time Ruth will be taking on her own class in Paulsgrove, so it’s all very exciting indeed.

Not only do we have new classes coming, but there’s also the news that we have our very own studio on it’s way as well. We’re told that ‘the solicitor is currently working on the legal documentation and that there is no legal reason for this to be delayed’. So we’ll be moving in this time next year perhaps? You’ll get all the latest information about it right here, and I’ll try to include some pictures of Dizzyfeet’s new home next time!

Oh, and it was Harry Judd that won Strictly last year. I had to Google that….

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