Nancy in, Rory OUT!

So, Nancy survived for yet another week and sadly we said goodbye to Rory Bremner. It’s interesting that on our weekly poll, Nancy was way out in front with the majority of votes to go and poor Rory didn’t have a single one! It’s definitely clear that in the eyes of the Dizzyfeet Dancers, Rory had plenty of time left in the competition. But, as we’ve seen so many times in the past few years, the general public seem to love watching the celebrities that find it a struggle and it’s clearly apparant that Nancy isn’t a natural dancer!

I feel sorry for Rory. He did a great job of his Cha Cha Cha and it was obvious that thoroughly enjoying himself too. Given time, I’m sure he’d have improved week on week, as Erin is an excellent teacher and it was clear that his routines included a great number of basic figures that would have set the foundations for more tricky and fancier routines later in the series. I still find it hard to believe that he’s been kicked out, seeing as how there are worse dancers than him still in the show – I guess it can only be put down to the fact that he just isn’t popular enough with the viewers. To be honest, we only ever see him doing impressions and none of us know the real Rory so maybe that’s why. Perhaps if he’d done an impression of Anton Du Beke, he might have still been in!

Paso Doble is all about attitude and posturing and less about rhythmical expression and movement – the ideal dance you would think for someone such as Nancy? No. Despite the majority of the choreography being based around walking movements, she still seemed to make it look exceptionally hard work and for some reason, her body parts don’t seem to be attached to each other. The funny thing is, she seems so much better when her feet aren’t actually touching the floor! I know that next week is their Halloween Special, but this performance was a bit of a nightmare in itself… We wait with nervous anticipation on what might shock us next week!

Next week : Ballroom or Latin?

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