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Quickstep – July 2016

However, as with a lot of the dances of the era, a bright spark over in London got hold of it and thought ‘That dance could make me some money’ so they took it’s basic form, standardised the figures and packaged it up as the Quickstep basics that we know of today. Clever fella….

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The British Open Championships (Part two)

Rarely over the years have couples made dramatic jumps to the final 6. Couples who are normally in the quarter final have to wait their turn so to speak and hope that couples in front will slowly turn professional or split up, giving them a shorter route to the next round. Dancers can of course get better, but this takes time so it’s very unique to see couples go from the last 24 to the final in just a matter of months. This is what happened at the British….

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Rumba – June 2016

…at class level, we certainly don’t expect it to be all lovey dovey. We do of course play on that fact on occasion, mostly when we tell you to look at each other during the moves. However, you’re really supposed to do this in the Cha Cha Cha as well, but because it’s so much faster it’s all over and done with before you realise. Perhaps the Cha Cha Cha is more of a vertical expression of a horizontal desire…? For some at least…

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The British Open Championships (Part One)

Kelly and I didn’t attend the recent British Open Championships in Blackpool. Throughout my competitive career and laterly our time together as professionals it was the competition to be at; an absolute must on a very busy dance calendar where it was important to just get your face seen even if you weren’t competing. Things have changed somewhat over the years and it’s no longer the be all or end all for competitors…

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Tango – June 2016

….Now, back to those fellas dancing together. This was actually common place in Argentina as it was thought the men needed extra practice (as if!!) especially with leading ladies around the dance floor. It was thought that beginner lady dancers could pick things up a little easier than the men (again, as if!!) and I suppose hauling a big hairy Argentinian around the floor was a good way to ready yourself for that special lady dancer…

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